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DIY Concrete Patio

Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:23:50 GMT

​It is every constructor’s dream to build a property that lasts longer. One of the long-lasting solutions is using a concrete patio. If you are unsure of how to do it, the following are simple DIY concrete patio steps (be sure to follow them step by step)

​1. Excavate and level the area

​Before starting, ensure that you clear the place where you want to add a concrete patio. Remove any objects, plants, and lose chippings until the area is even. This procedure is necessary if you don’t want to flow on the patio surface. After preparing the patio area, secure it with stakes, pieces of wood, or mark it appropriately.

​2. Spread the base rock

​For the concrete patio to lay correctly, you must add an underneath layer. The base rock strengthens the foundation for concrete. You can spread at least a two-inch of ¾ inch base on the surface.
Ensure that the gravel is damp and spread it gently. This prevents the finished patio from having defects. Place each batch against the other to get a firmer finish.

​3. Add the rebar

​Concrete can easily break if not done correctly. However, rebar strengthens it and prevents it from cracking. Make sure you add it in every two or three fit –use the grid pattern for excellent results.

​4. Add the concrete

​If you cannot afford pumping services, you could opt to load a wheelbarrow to bring the concrete to the place and fill it evenly. Use concrete floats and trowels to level the concrete for a smoother surface.

​5. Add color and mix the cement

​If you love tint color tint concrete, adding powdered concrete color immediately after the concrete patio dries up is a perfect solution. Use concrete floats to make the powder smoother. It will be best to be cautious when doing this –wear a dust mask, safety glasses, and rubber gloves.

​6. Work on texture

​Mineral salt is perfect for adding texture to the DIY concrete patio. Using a flat concrete tool, press the salt in the concrete and let it settle overnight. Using an overlapping motion, smoothen the patio. After finishing, be sure to edge the concrete to prevent it from falling on the sides.

​7. Get rid of the forms

​Before removing the forms, ensure that the concrete is dry, smooth, and firm –be sure to adhere to the supplier’s guidelines. The drying period should not be less than three days if you want a perfect finish (avoid walking on the surface within the first week. Finally, sweep the surface to get the ideal concrete. Dispose of the salt and other debris far from plants.

​Do You Want Professional Concrete Services?

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