Water-based lithium silicate densifiers can boost your concrete’s strength by up to 45 percent. It doesn’t alter the appearance or color of your concrete, and it’s simple to apply using a sprayer. It provides optimum moisture penetration prevention and can be used alone or before polishing your concrete floors. It works hard to fill pores in your concrete surfaces and harden them from the inside out, giving them exceptional strength and lifespan.

When it comes to concrete, what is the difference between polished and burnished?
Burnished concrete floors are less expensive and time-consuming than polished concrete floors. The burnished finish may appear similar to the polished finish to the untrained eye, but they are two very different processes. The burnished concrete floor is created by utilizing a high-speed burnisher that spins at 1,500 rpm – 2,500 rpm to fill the pores in the concrete with an applied chemical. The burnisher heats and buffs the chemical coating into the concrete surface, which is usually a wax-based substance. Burnished concrete is less durable than polished concrete and requires more upkeep. On burnished concrete floors, a densifier can be applied to give the surface some of the same qualities as polished concrete, which is mechanically finished, ground, and honed for maximum sheen and longevity.

What is the finest concrete sealer for the interior?
Pentra- Finish (HG)┬áis a lithium sealer that dries quickly and is suited for use on interior concrete. According to SGS testing, it’s safe for surfaces that come into touch with food, and it’s also low odor and VOC compliant. It lowers all maintenance and cleaning expenses, extends the life of polished concrete, and improves abrasion and stain resistance quickly. It works hard to prevent dirt and impurities from entering the concrete surface, thus its capabilities shine in interior situations.

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