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Basics of Resurfacing Concrete

Do you have a concrete driveway, sidewalk, garage floor, or patio that is beginning to age? Then know you have two options: Demolish and remove the surface or use a resurfacing procedure to get the slabs their refined look. Here at Elizabeth Concrete, we deal with concrete resurfacing to give your space a fine look.

A times the concrete slab might be unstable or poorly damaged to make the resurfacing impossible. However, resurfacing is a good choice when the issue is just cracking, minor chipping, discoloring, or spalling. It is affordable than completely replacing the whole concrete slab.

What is Concrete Resurfacer?

It‘s a unique cementitious product that blends ordinary cement, polymer modifiers, and fine sand to bring about adhesion. There are many concrete mix products available, like mortars, fast-setting concrete mixes, and repair patchers. As such, it can be tricky to select among them.

Unlike other products, concrete resurfacer should be applied on thin coats of 1/2 inch thick maximum. Its additives offer excellent adhesion to the existing slab. Concrete resurfacer is stronger than slab, so when it’s properly applied, the layers can be quite durable. It has about 4,500 psi strength.

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Evaluating the Concrete Slab

It is recommended to go for resurfacing if the slab isn’t cracked severely and when the damage is only for cosmetic problems. Although it can be hard to know, when the slab’s height is offset to adjoining sides of the cracks, it’s a sign that a major heaving is happening. Such slabs are obviously not suitable for resurfacing.


Slabs with more minor cracks, spalls, or chips are ideal for resurfacing. Our professionals have everything you need on concrete resurfacing as they will determine if resurfacing is possible by observing the surface itself.

Purchasing a Concrete Resurfacer

You will find that some types of concrete resurfacers are designed to be used on concrete surfaces only, while others on both plywood floors and concrete. Ensure that you use a concrete resurfacer designed for a specific purpose.

You’ll find both commercial-grade and consumer-grade products at many places. The commercial grade is more durable as compared to the consumer one. Usually, the concrete resurfacer comes in 40 or 50-pound bags as a dry mix. A 40-pound bag will cover approximately 15 to 90 sq. feet, and you apply two or three coats.

Application Overview

The application process of concrete resurfacing is quite easy. Typically, the dry powder will be mixed with water to form a slurry that is then applied over your concrete slab using a long-handled squeegee. The good thing with resurfacers is that they’re self-leveling; they do not need to be worked extensively to form a level surface.



They are easily poured and spread. Your task is to ensure that they’re spread around the whole surface properly—no need to worry about trowelling. Concrete resurfacer shouldn’t be applied during cold weather. Ensure the current temperature is at least 50 degrees.


Concrete resurfacer should not be applied in cold weather. Ensure that the current temperature is at least 50 °F and that the temperature will likely be above 40° for 24 hours. Besides, you should work when the place is shaded or when there is minimum sun glare. Lastly, make sure there’s no rain in the forecast for at least 8 hours after applying the resurfacer.


The concrete resurfacers come in only one color, which is ordinary grey. However, they can be mixed with colorants that are specifically made for concrete products. If you want to resurface a large area, know that it’s quite tricky to match the colors. New concrete appears new while the old one looks old. Thus, if you want your surface to appear new again, then resurfacing all of it is a great choice.


At Elizabeth Concrete Foundation, we always use the best concrete resurfacing products to ensure that your floor is mended appropriately. Call us today at (908) 249-0906. We will surely change your concrete floor to a brand new one!

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